The “LOVE, DIGITALLY” series of SHORT & STEAMY READS follows four modern women and their tech-driven roads to romance. Twitter sparring wars, Tinder mix-ups, and Facebook flirtations are just some of the unusual paths to love depicted. The heroines range from their mid-thirties to their late sixties. Believe it or not, these ladies can remember life before the internet — but that doesn’t mean they can’t keep up with the breakneck pace of contemporary life. Expect plenty of sexy scenes along the way as each S. Kitten heroine unleashes her inner sex kitten. Each of these “quickie” tales is one hour long, giving you a satisfying short read — and then letting you get on with your own fast-paced day.


“I take it you're single?”
“I'm here to discuss my career, not my dating life.”
“Okay, so you're definitely single.”

Jason is the most infuriating guy Tia has ever met. And after decades spent working as a lawyer, she's met a lot of annoying guys.

Tia has spent decades working her way up the ladder at James, Jones & Pendelton Law. She should have made partner by now. So when she gets a LinkedIn message from headhunter Jason looking to recruit her to a rival law firm, her interest is piqued — that is until she hears the words "diversity hire". She expects to be recognized and pursued for her achievements, not her looks.


With her 40th birthday recently behind her, she has no qualms telling Jason to take his “diversity hire” and shove it. Recognizing his mistake, Jason apologizes — and asks her if he can take her out to dinner to make up for his boneheaded ways. In searching for a new job in the digital world, could Tia have found love instead?