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Why I Write Bad Girls

After some time away from writing, I started 2021 by outlining a new love story — one that will take three books to tell. It's not a pretty love story. It's messy, complicated, and challenging. Just like real life. And it will of course feature steam, intrigue, and a typical S. Kitten heroine — the type of woman who might get labeled a "bad girl."

I always joke that I write bad girls because they're more fun. That's partially true. I also write characters with more spice than sugar because I relate to them more and I think they offer more complexity to explore. They also intrigue me more.

The real reason I love writing "bad" girls (and guys) is ultimately a romantic one, however: These characters will stop at nothing in the name of love. Villains will break the boundaries of what we consider acceptable in everyday life. They will go to extremes. Selfish as it may be, they will prioritize the wants of their hearts over the greater good. They will watch the world burn if it means they get to be with the one they love.

I think that kind of all-consuming passion is exactly what we are seeking when we turn to love stories. These "bad" characters speak to our own desires to put love first, even when it's unreasonable, unhealthy, and maybe a little bit insane. We've all felt that rush of "insanity" that early love brings. My bad girl heroines seize that feeling and don't let it go. They test their limits and those of their partners. They push their love to new heights. And they never ever let things get boring.

That's why I write bad girls.

What do you think? Do you love a bad girl character? Let me know in the comments xx.

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