This isn’t the life Annaliese Rivera was supposed to be have. The private jets, the yachts, the parties along the French Riviera — she wasn’t born for this. But with sheer determination, hard work, and a few lies along the way, she managed to sneak into this world. She’s come far from the tiny town she was born in, a dirty speck on the map in coal-mining country in the southern U.S.  And she feels like a fraud every single day because of it.
Nobody has questioned her carefully constructed new identity or her lack of a past — until Andreas Behringer. When Annaliese, the svelte blonde with the big laugh but sad eyes, catches his attention, he’s determined to get to know her — and to find out everything he can about her.
After years of not letting anyone close, Annaliese finds herself giving in to Andreas and his charms. But her secret past is catching up with her — threatening not only her but all of those in her vicinity.
Far from the glamorous world of champagne, caviar, and boat parties, a storm is brewing. It’s heading across the ocean from the New World to the Old Continent. And it’s headed straight for Annaliese. Will her world withstand the truth when the storm comes crashing down? Would Andreas stand by her if he knew the truth? Would anybody?


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